Wall Art - KMason

“Every hundred feet the world changes.” ― Roberto Bolaño

Every moment that rolls by is one that won’t come our way again and that’s what lights up the passion I have for documenting fascinating places as well as the inhabitants of those places.

You can't go back to the past, but you can capture the memories and hang on to them forever. I’m Kitty Mason, a mom, grandmother, photographer, artist, storyteller and a long time resident of Gallup, New Mexico.

Join me on a photographic adventure of the places I've seen and the things I have done.

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Walking through the Siq, a slot canyon which once had a stream of water running through it (now diverted for the sake of tourism) towards the city of Petra, Jordan.
Straight ahead is a large structure carved out of solid rock and over 40 meters high. It is known as the Treasury but in reality held no treasure and was probably a Temple or Royal Tomb; the true purpose known only to those who carved it out of the sandstone.